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  • M. Baldoni, G. Boella, and L. van der Torre. Adding Roles to Relationship Patterns. In M. Baldoni, A. Boccalatte, F. De Paoli, M. Martelli, and V. Mascardi, editors, Proc. of WOA 2007: Dagli oggetti agli agenti, Agenti e Industrie: Applicazioni tecnologiche degli agenti software, pages 112-125, Genova, Italy, September 2007. Seneca Edizioni. (PDF)

  • M. Baldoni, G. Boella, and L. van der Torre. Modelling the Interaction between Objects: Roles as Affordances. In J. Lang, F. Lin, and J. Wang, editors, Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management: First International Conference, KSEM, volume 4092 of LNCS, pages 42-54, Guilin City, China, August 5-8 2006. Springer. (PDF)

  • M. Baldoni, G. Boella, and L. van der Torre. powerjava: Ontologically Founded Roles in Object Oriented Programming Languages. In D. Ancona and M. Viroli, editors, Proc. of 21st ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2006, Special Track on Object-Oriented Programming Languages and Systems, OOPS 2006, pages 1414-1418, Dijon, France, April 2006. ACM. (PDF)

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