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2CL, Software and examples

This software has been developed by Matteo Baldoni and Elisa Marengo in collaboration with Cristina Baroglio, Viviana Patti and Federico Capuzzimati. It is discussed in the draft of the paper "Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly" submitted to CLIMA XII workshop.

This file contains all executables, examples, and images. The 2CL java parser and tuProlog interpreter are located in the main directory, while the 2cl example programs are located in the MiFID directory as well as svg and jpg images.


To use 2cl interpreter it is required a java interpreter, put in a directory the file ccli.jar, the file driver-vincoliNegativi.pl, the file driver.pl, and the file newaxioms.pl, then type the following command:

java -jar ccli.jar MiFID/file.2cl

The above command produces:

  • file.pl, this file is produced only for documentation purpose, this file is used together the extended commitment machine by the tuProlog engine included in the ccli.jar file;
  • file.dot, this file is produced by tuProlog engine, it is the output of the extended commitment machine.

In order to obtain the svg/png/pdf image it is required to have the graphviz program installed, then, please use the command

dot -Tformat file.dot > file.format

For example:

dot -Tsvg sale.dot > sale.svg

Examples and figures

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Last update: Apr 11, 2011