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last updated: 25 October 2004

Robocare - Supervision and Diagnosis

Project Robocare involves several coordinated research activities, handled by sub-teams at different Universities and CNR (National Research Council) facilities. 

This site contains information about the research activity carried by the Unit at Dipartmento di Informatica of Università di Torino, which addresses the Supervision and Diagnosis area of the Robocare project. 

Our team has developed significant experiences in on-line Model-Based Diagnosis, especially through projects supported by ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) like SPIDER.

However the Robocare scenario poses some challenges that are both new to our group and very little explored in the MBD literature as well. This gives us the opportunity of leveraging our knowledge in the field in order to study innovative extensions that we believe are becoming of particular interest to the MBD community as distributed and multi-agent systems are becoming to be addressed.

Please follow the links below in order to access more specific information about our team and activity:

Intro to Robocare Supervision and Diagnosis

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Accomplishments up to the mid of first year

Goals for the end of first year


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