Instructions for authors


The MALLOW workshop on Agents, Web Services and Ontologies, Integrated Methodologies will be held as a special track of LADS (International Workshop on LAnguages, methodologies and Development tools for multi-agent systemS) for the 2010 edition. Instructions for authors and deadlines are the same as those for LADS.

AWESOME LADS 2010 is organized by:

The AWESOME LADS 2010 special track wants to stimulate discussion among researchers working on Agents, Web Services, and Ontologies, in order to help the identification and the definition of Methodologies for integrating them. The realisation of distributed, open, dynamic, and heterogeneous software systems is, in fact, a challenge that involves many facets, from formal theories to software engineering and practical applications. Scientists in various research areas, such as Semantic Web, Web Services, Agents, Ontologies, are attacking this problem from different perspectives. AWESOME LADS 2010 attempts to provide a discussion forum for collecting and comparing such diverse experiences with the aim of fostering cross fertilization.

Topics of interest are all those concerned with integrated and/or cross-field approaches for engineering Agents, Web Services, Ontologies. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Semantic Web Agents and Semantic WSs
  • Integrated Methodologies, notations, infrastructures for Agents, WSs, Ontologies
  • Enhancement of communication among Agents/WSs by means of Ontologies
  • Formal aspects for Agents, WSs and Ontologies
  • Service-oriented multiagent systems
  • Implementing Agents with WS technologies
  • Agent-inspired declarative approaches to WSs or SOA
  • Exploiting AOSE for engineering WSs and Ontologies
  • Orchestrations, choreographies, and interaction protocols: languages, theory and practice
  • Ontologies for Agents and/or WSs: languages, theory and practice
  • Formal description of contracts and negotiation policies
  • Tools for semantic WSs/Agents
  • Applications of semantic WSs/Agents
  • Security and trust in Agents/WSs settings