In occasione del mese europeo della sicurezza informatica, il dipartimento di informatica dell'Università di Torino, in collaborazione con Clusit, partecipa con un seminario sul tema mobile security Il seminario sarà tenuto dal Dott. Valerio Costamagna e si terrà il giorno 27/10/2016 dalle 09-11 in aula C. Il titolo del seminario è:

Magnifying glass on Android apps:
A deep introduction over android apps inspection using both static and dynamic analysis

In this talk, I introduce techniques and challenges of the analysis of Android apps. Over the last years, Android apps are become very popular on both official and non-official stores. To address the problem of security verification and malware analysis, various tools has been proposed for the analysis of apps using either static or dynamic approaches. Apps' security is not the only threat, in fact in the recent past Android malware has become more and more common. In fact different samples have been found also in the official Google store. Although the automatic analysis is helpful, it is not always enough. Sometime the analysis could require an extra manual effort to identify malicious hidden code or to trigger potentially vulnerable paths. During this talk I will introduce hybrid approaches which permit to overcome current limitations and achieve a more complete analysis.

Se gradite seguire il seminario in modo attivo, siete invitati a portate il vostro laptop. Per comodità potete utilizzare una virtual machine con alcuni tool già installati:

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