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I like music, especially vocal and polyphonic from baroque and classic repertoires. I am a passioned music liestener and a quite modest guitar player, that had the chance to change into a performer as chorist singer. Indeed I have joined amateur choires in Turin since 1997.

My first relevant experiance has been with the choir of Accademia del Santo Spirito, funded by master Sergio Balestracci.
With them I have been trained by Grazia Abbá, Pietro Mussino, and had occasion to sing under direction of Srgio Balestracci, Claudio Scimone, Simon Preston, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Piotr Wijatkowski.

In 2005 I have been admitted to the school of the Accademia corale Stefano Tempia, one of the oldest musical institutions in Turin, of which I am member since 2008.
I have performed under the direction of Massimo Peiretti, Michele Frezza, Guido Maria Guida, Pasquale Valerio, Dario Tabbia, Francesco Cilluffo, Federico Sardelli, Josef Boeck, Claudio Fenoglio and, presently, Luigi Cociglio.
I partecipated to the perforamance and record of "Missa in dedicatione Sancti Michaelis Archageli", composed by Enrico Euron. Here is a photo of the absolute first performance in the Sacra di San Michele, in June 2008.
In 2010 I took part to the recording of the CD: "Per la Sindone. Musiche di Perosi, Bossi, Renzi, Mathey", directed by Michele Frezza.

For all this my greatest gratitude goes to my singing teacher Magda Koczka. She has advised me since the times of Santo Spirito, and then while attending to the courses of the Stefano Tempia singing school, that she directed.
Her deep competence and equally great patience with me have changed an unrealistic ambition into a true passion.

Here are the links to some videos I have found on YouTube:

  1. Hendel, Utrecht Te Deum, Chor and Orchestra of "Stefano Tempia", directed by Guido Guida, October 2013.
  2. Purcell, King Arthur, Atto IV "How happy the lover", Chor and Orchestra of "Stefano Tempia", directed by Dario Tabbia, November 2015.
  3. Faurè "Pavane op. 50", Chor and Orchestra of "Stefano Tempia", directed by Claudio Fenoglio, September 2019.
  4. Rutter, "The Lord bless you and keep you", Singers from the Chor of "Stefano Tempia", organ and direction by Francesco Cavaliere, December 2020.

Relatives and Friends

Franco Barbanera is my best friend, and brother in law. He is a computer scientist and a coauthor of mines. Here he is mentioned because of his musical skill in playing clarinet and many other musical instruments. He is member of the band Nakaira, performing and composing folk music inspired to the Mediterranean culture.