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Short Curriculum Vitae

Master in Physics at the University of Torino cum laude (1970). Full professor of ''Teoria e Applicazioni delle Macchine Calcolatrici'' at the University of Torino since 31/10/81. Dean of the Computer Science Department of Torino University since 2005.

Member of Program Committees of International Conferences and Workshops (Lambda-Calculus and Computer Science Theory, Roma March 75, V CAAP, Lille February 80, VII CAAP, Lille March 82, V ISP, Torino April 82, IX CAAP, Bordeaux March 84, VI ISP, Toulose April 84, XI CAAP, Nice March 86, STACS 87, Passau February 87, III LICS, Edinburgh July 88, XVI ICALP, Stresa July 89 (Co-chairman), XVI CAAP, Rennes March 92, TLCA'93, Utrecht March 93, CSL'94, Kazimierz September 94, TLCA'95, Edinburgh April 95 (Chairman), TLCA'97, Nancy April 97, TACS'97, Sendai September 97, LICS'99, Trento July 99, FCT'99, Iasi August 99, FOSSACS'00, Berlin March 00, CATS'01, Brisbane January 01, FOSSACS'01, Genova April 01, RTA'01, Utrecht May 01, TOSCA'01, Udine November 01, PPDP'02, Pittsburgh October 02, ESOP'03, Warsaw April 03, MFCS '03, Bratislava August 03, ICTCS'03, Bertinoro October 03, ESOP'04, Barcelona April 04, WoLLIC '04, Paris July 04, EXPRESS'04, London September 04, RTA'05, Nara April 05, DCM'05, Lisbon July 05, ICFP'05, Tallin September 05, EXPRESS'05, San Francisco August 05, WIT'05, Toulouse October 05, MFPS'06, Genova May 06, ICALP'06, Venice July 06, DCM'06, Venice July 06, SecReT'06, Venice July 06, DCM'07, Wroclaw July 07 (Co-Chair), TCS'08, Milano September 2008, MeCBIC'08, Iasi September 2008, ESOP'09, York March 2009, FMOODS/FORTE'10, Amsterdam June 2010, PPDP'10, Castle Hagenberg July 2010, ITRS'10, Edinburgh July 2010, DCM'10, Edinburgh July 2010, HOR'10, Edinburgh July 2010, AMCA-POP'10, Jena August 2010, TCS'10, Brisbane September 2010, ISCIS'10, London September 2010, ISCIS'11, London September 2011, DCM'12, Cambridge June 2012, CSL'12, Fontainebleau September 2012, ICFP'12, Copenhagen September 2012, BEAT'13, Rome January 2013, LATA'13, Bilbao April 2013, LICS'13, New Orleans June 2013, FORTE/FMOODS'13, Florence June 2013, ECOOP'13, Montpellier July 2013, ICTS'13, Palermo September 2013, ISCIS'13, Paris October 2013, LATA'14, Madrid March 2014, ENASE'14, Lisbon April 14, TGC'14, Roma September 2014, ICTCS'14, Perugia September 2014, ISCIS'14, Krakow October 2014, ENASE'15, Barcelona April 2015, LICS'15, Kyoto July 2015, ENASE'16, Rome April 2016, FSCD'16, Porto June 2016, ICTCS'16, Lecce September 2016, ISCIS'16, Krakow October 2016, ENASE'17, Porto April 2017, FORTE'17, Neuchatel June 2017,PPDP'17, Namur October 2017, FoSSaCS'18, Thessaloniki April 2018, DCM'18, Oxford July 2018), teacher of Postdoctoral Schools (Lambda-calcul et semantique formelle, La Chatre May 78, Reduction Machines, Ustica September 85, Logic and Computation, Edinburgh Aprile '99, Deduction and Theorem Proving, Edinburgh Aprile '00, Understanding COMPLEXITY and CONCURRENCY through TOPOLOGY of DATA, Camerino, July 2015) invited speaker to International Conferences and Workshops (Logic Colloquium 82, Firenze August 82, VIII CAAP, L'Aquila March 83, IX Latin American Symposium on Mathematical Logic, Bahia Blanca August 92, Logic Colloquium 96, San Sebastian July 96, Theory of Types and Proofs, Tokyo August 97, ICTCS'98, Prato November 98, TLCA'99, L'Aquila April 99, CATS'00, Canberra January 00, ITRS'00, Ginevra July 00, BT'01, Creta July 01, RPC'01, Sendai October 01, AAL'02, Canberra November 02, HOR'04, Aachen May 04, MFCS'04, Prague August 04, Modern Uses of Lambda Calculus, Bern October 04, Marisa Zilli Day, Rome February 05, Security and Privacy Day, Hoboken November 05, Processes, Terms and Cycles: Steps on the Road to Infinity, Amsterdam December 05, Type Theory, Tokyo January 2006, INFINITY'06, Amsterdam March 06, Logic, Models and Computer Science, Camerino April 06, IFIP W.G. 2.2, Udine September 06, DisCoTec 07, Cyprus June 07, From Type Theory to Morphologic Complexity: A Colloquium in Honor of Giuseppe Longo, Paris June 07, Reflections on Type Theory, Lambda Calculus, and the Mind: Symposium in honour of Henk Barendregt, Nijmegen December 07, Workshop on Web Services, Businnes Processes and Infrastructure, London February 2008, Colloquium in Honor of Pierre Lescanne, Nancy May 2008, Logic Colloquium, Berne July 08, WS-FM, Bologna September 2009, WFLP, Madrid January 2010, TGC'11, Aachen September 2011, Workshop in honor of Antonino Salibra, Paris July 2013, MatthewFest, Lucca October 2014, FbB60, Eindhoven June 2016).

Promotor or Co-promotor of the Ph.D. thesis of Felice Cardone, Fabio Alessi, Steffen van Bakel, Franco Barbanera, Adriana Compagnoni, Luigi Liquori, Viviana Bono, Stefania Lusin, Yoko Motohama, Pablo Garralda, Elena Giachino, Livio Bioglio, Svetlana Jaksic.

EATCS Fellow in 2015.

Member of IFIP W.G.2.2 on ''Formal Description of Programming Concepts'' since 1/6/84.

Member of the Editorial Board of ''Information and Computation'' since 1991.

Member of the Editorial Board of ''The Computer Journal'' since 2011.

Book Review Editor of "The Computer Journal" from 2000 to 2010.

Member of the ''Academia Europaea'' since 1994.

Member of the ASL Executive Committee from 2005 to 2008.

Member of LICS Advisory Board from 1997 to 2003.

Member of the EATCS Council from 1998 to 2005 (member of EATCS since 1972).

Co-ordinator of the IP since 1999.

Chair of the Steering Committee of TLCA from 2005 to 2011 (member since 1993, honorary advisor from 2014).

Member of the Steering Committee of ITRS since 1999.

Member of the Steering Committee of DCM since 2007.

President of the Italian Chapter of EATCS from 1998 to 2003 (member since 1988).

Member of the Editorial Board of Scientific Annals of Computer Science since 2007.

The 60th Birthday has been celebrated at ICTCS'07

The 70th Birthday has been celebrated at TLT17.

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