icona collaborationsProjects

Projects in which I am involved as principal investigator:

  • PI Biomarker-box: un sistema informatico economico ed efficiente per analizzare dati biologici in tempo reale CRT Foundation 2018, 18 months
  • Co-scientific PI Early non-invasive diagnosis of colorectal cancer: an integrated approach based on non-coding RNA and intestinal microbiome biomarkers. Italian Association against Tumor (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori, LILT) 2016, 24 months

Projects in which I am involved as reseracher:

  • Deciphering intratumor heterogeneity in epithelial ovarian cancer using patient derived xenografts AICR-IG 2016 36 months, PI: Prof Flavia Di Renzo
  • Unliganded estrogen receptor alpha AICR-IG 2015 36 months, PI: Prof Michele De Bortoli
  • Researcher involved in Next Generation Sequencing platform for targeted Personalized Therapy of Leukemia, 2012, 36 months, 7th European Framework Program , PI Turin' Unit: Prof Raffaele Calogero
  • Researcher involved in Epigen, 2011, 36 months, Flagship Program