Design and Implementation of a WEB-based non-Markovian Stochastic Petri Net Tool

A. Horváth, A. Puliafito, M. Scarpa, M. Telek, O. Tomarchio


This paper describes the design and the implementation of a new modeling tool for the analysis of non-Markovian stochastic Petri nets (SPN). This tool, called WebSPN, provides a discrete time approximation of the stochastic behaviour of the marking process which results in the possibility to analyze a wider class of PN models with prd, prs and pri concurrently enabled generally distributed transitions. WebSPN relaxes some of the restrictions present in currently available packages thus widening the field of applicability of PNs. A Web-centered view has been adopted in its development in order to make it easily accessible from any node connected with the Internet as long as it possesses a Java-enabled Web browser. Sophisticated security mechanisms have also been implemented to regulate the access to the tool which are based on the use of public and private electronic keys.


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András Horváth, 2008-06-25