On the use of stochastic Petri nets in the analysis of signal transduction pathways for angiogenesis process

L. Napione, D. Manini, F. Cordero, A. Horváth, A. Picco, M. De Pierro, S. Pavan, M. Sereno, A. Veglio, F. Bussolino, and G. Balbo


In this paper we consider the modeling of a selected portion of signal transduction events involved in the angiogenesis process. The detailed model of this process contains a large number of parameters and the data available from wet-lab experiments are not sufficient to obtain reliable estimates for all of them. To overcome this problem, we suggest ways to simplify the detailed representation that result in models with a smaller number of parameters still capturing the overall behaviour of the detailed one.

Starting from a detailed stochastic Petri net (SPN) model that accounts for all the reactions of the signal transduction cascade, using structural properties combined with the knowledge of the biological phenomena, we propose a set of model reductions.


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András Horváth, 2009-08-24