Personal ideas and passions...

Some Hobbies


I have been called by the capoeira. One of my about it favourite quote is:

Capoeirista não é aquele que sabe movimentar o corpo mas, sim, aquele que deixa o corpo ser movimentado pela alma. Mestre Pastinha


I have been a chess tournament player for several years: I’m a fan of Capablanca.


I played soccer with the department team ... yes, I was really bad :)

Taijiquan (TAI CHI CHUAN)

In 2004 I have begun to learn the Taijiquan (the 24 movements of the Yang's school) with the master Zhou Ruidong.

Danze del sud Italia (South-Italy dances)

A new passion! I attended a course in 2007 at Paranza del Geco association


I’m a serious ridiculous photographer! My flickr-site: