Enrico Mensa

Postdoctoral Researcher

About me

I'm just a knowledge-hungry & music-lover guy.

I'm fascinated by the power of simulation; by the fact that someday you will communicate with a computer, but you won't be able to recognize that it's just a machine.


  • Conceptual Spaces
  • Cognitive Systems
  • Knowledge Representation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Lexical Resources Generation


Awards and Prizes

International Internships

Academic and professional experience

Academic activities

Other Projects

Programming and Technical Skills


Doctor's Degree in Computer Science with Honour

October 2016 - July 2020

University of Turin

Thesis: "Using Senses Makes Sense: building lexical resources for sense informed NLP applications"
Themes: Lexical semantics, semantic resources, knowledge representation, natural language processing

Master's Degree in Computer Science

September 2013 - April 2016

University of Turin

110/110 summa cum laude and special mention for the complessive curricula and thesis value

Specialisation: Systems for the knowledge treatment
Thesis: "Design and implementation of a methodology for the alignment of semantic resources and the automatic population of conceptual spaces"
Themes: Conceptual spaces, cognitive systems, semantic resources, natural language processing

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

September 2010 - October 2013

University of Turin

110/110 summa cum laude

Specialisation: Networks & systems
Thesis: "Introducing Java 8"
Themes: Traits, Mixins, Java 8, Default Methods

5 years Scientific Diploma

September 2004 - June 2010

Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico Ignazio Porro, Pinerolo (TO)