European Community Projects:

   From 2000/03 she will be responsible and coordinates for the University of Torino the cInQ Project (consortium on knowledge discovery by Inductive Queries).
The project aims to develop the theory (database primitives), query languages and a prototype of inductive databases, databases that collect both raw data to be analyzed and patterns extracted from data. The project is under the Information Society Technologies Programme (in particular Future and Emerging Technologies arm) and the other partners are:
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy (prof. Ceri);

  • the Nokia Research Center, Finland (prof. Mannila);

  • the Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat, Freiburg, Germany (prof. De Raedt);

  • Institut National des Sciences Appliquèes, Lyon, France ( prof. Boulicaut).

  • cInQ project page at Unito.

       In 1998/2000 she participated to the MIETTA project, on the theme of knowledge extraction from the WEB and databases on tourist information.
    The project was launched by the Politecnico di Torino, the Municipality of Rome, the Municipality of Turku (Finland), the Saarland region (Germany), CELI (Centro per l`Elaborazione del Linguaggio), DFKI, the University of Helsinki of Technology (Finland) and UNIDATA (Italy).

    Projects funded by the Italian University and Scientific Research Ministry (MIUR-URST):

       In 1998/99 he has participated to the project INTERDATA. The project is a collaboration between 17 italian universities, and has the aim to define and develop methods for the extraction of knowledge from databases and WEB.

    Projects funded by the National Research Council (CNR):

       In 2000/01 CNR accepted a reserch project proposed by me, which is restricted to young researchers, named Depvalues: a new method and new algorithms for extracting dependencies from data.

    Projects funded by Regione Piemonte:

       In 2010/12 she has participated to the project SMAT-F1, the first phase of a large, on-going project involging two Universities (University of Torino and Politecnico di Torino), a research center (ISMB) and some large and medium enterprises such as ALENIA, ALTEC, SELEX GALILEO, andf other ten SMEs. The project aimed to develop a coordination and collaboration system for the orchestration of three systems controlling fleets of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles for the monitoring of the environment. The project is funded also by the European Community (under the Aereospatial Platform PQR 2007-13).

       In 2012/13 she is responsible for the University of Torino of a research program Anti-Money Laundering in which she is proposing machine learning technologies (active learning and transductive machines) for the early recognition of money-laundering attempts and the reduction of false positives in the anti-money laundering systems. The project has been launched in the Third annual programme of Polo ICT in Torino Wireless initiative.

    Other Projects:

       In 2012-2013 she is directing a research program with SELEX Galileo for the employment of knowledge discovery queries in the monitoring of the environment by aircrafts sensors data.

       In 2012 and 2013 she is directing a research program with SERI System for the development of a system for the recommendation of items to the clients of the big retail industry.

       In 2006/07 she has directed a research program with the Health-Care Agency in Piedmont (ARESS) and the Epidemiology Agency in Piedmont (EPI) on the theme Extraction of high-order dependencies in medical data and industrial injury data in which she has developed together with Leonardo D'Ambrosi a software prototype called DepMiner.

       In 1996/97 she has participated to a research program between Politecnico di Torino and Telecom Italia Lab on the theme Extraction of association rules from databases in which she has developed an integrated system with the Oracle DBMS for the extraction of knowledge from relational databases.

    Last updated version: 29th of October, 2012