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Evolutionary Computation Group

The Evolutionary Computation group at the Dipartimento di Informatica of the University of Torino is part of a larger research group on Machine Learning

Research themes includes Genetic Algorithms and Neural Network.

The Evolutionary Computation group is under direction of:

Components of the group working on Genetic Algorithms are: Components of the group working on Neural Networks are: On average, four undergraduate students per year join the group.

Research Activities

The system REGAL, able to learn first-order logic concept descriptions using a parallel genetic search, has been designed and implemented. A new selection operator has been proposed and a theoretical analysis of its behaviour has been performed.

On the neural network site, the focus of attention is about locally receptive fields networks (Radial Basis Functions and Fuzzy Logic Controllers), in particular about how symbolic knowledge, generated with classical ML approaches, can be used to initialize a network, and how a network can be refined by means of Reinforcement Learning.


Further Information: botta@di.unito.it [MLGroup Home]

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