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6 dec 2014 Released Hypha 0.5. This is the first public version of the tool supporting deadlock and lock freedom analyses.

5 nov 2014 I'm a PC member of ICE'15.

16 sep 2014 Released Hypha 0.4. Added decompilation of linear types into session types. Deadlock and lock analysis coming soon.

30 jun 2014 The slides of my lectures at BETTYSS'14 are available here.

29 mar 2014 The paper Deadlock and Lock Freedom in the Linear π-Calculus has been accepted at CSL-LICS'14.

10 mar 2014 The paper Typing Liveness in Multiparty Communicating Systems co-written with Hugo Torres Vieira and Vasco Thudichum Vasconcelos has been accepted at COORDINATION'14.


I work in the formal methods group at the CS department of the University of Torino. I develop behavioral type systems for the static analysis and enforcement of safety and liveness properties of concurrent, parallel and distributed programs.





I'm the principal developer of Hypha, a tool for the analysis of π-calculus processes: Hypha detects the linear usage of channels, it infers structured communication protocols (session types), and performs deadlock and lock freedom analysis.

Check out Hypha's home page.


teaching / didattica xxx

Nell'A.A. 2014/2015 insegno:

Ricevimento studenti su appuntamento.



In my personal section you'll find pictures of my trips, quotes I like, and a few more links.

Polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba

Niagara falls

Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland

«... mai fare previsioni, specie se ottimistiche.»
Primo Levi (Se questo č un uomo)


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