«Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.»
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

luca padovani

position assistant professor

at Universitą di Torino
Dipartimento di Informatica
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address Corso Svizzera 185
10149 Torino
office 7 ex lab

phone +39 011 670 6777

linkedin lucapadovani
tumblr zero negativo
dblp Padovani:Luca


30 Sep 2014 ESOP'15 has a new home page, the deadline for submitting papers is 17 Oct 2014.
16 Sep 2014 Released Hypha 0.4. Added decompilation of linear types into session types. Deadlock and lock analysis coming soon.
13 Aug 2014 Released Hypha 0.3.
30 Jun 2014 The slides of my lectures at BETTYSS'14 are available here.
29 Mar 2014 The paper Deadlock and Lock Freedom in the Linear π-Calculus has been accepted at CSL-LICS'14.
29 Mar 2014 I'm a PC member of ESOP'15.
10 Mar 2014 The paper Typing Liveness in Multiparty Communicating Systems has been accepted at COORDINATION'14.
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