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15 oct 2015 I'm serving as PC member of FORTE'16.

30 sep 2015 Released FuSe 0.1, a lightweight implementation of binary sessions that enables session type checking and inference using an out-of-the-box installation of OCaml.

3 aug 2015 The Chemical Approach to Typestate-Oriented Programming, my first paper co-written with Silvia Crafa, has been accepted at OOPSLA'15.

11 apr 2015 The paper An Algebraic Theory for Web Service Contracts has been published in Formal Aspects of Computing. The conference version of this paper dates back to 2007!

6 dec 2014 Released Hypha 0.5. This is the first public version of the tool supporting deadlock and lock freedom analyses.

29 mar 2014 The paper Deadlock and Lock Freedom in the Linear π-Calculus has been accepted at CSL-LICS'14.


My research areas include programming languages, type systems, concurrency theory, parallel computing.

I'm the contact person for the FORMS research group at Dipartimento di Informatica, Universitą di Torino.

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FuSe is a lightweight implementation of binary sessions in OCaml that enables session type checking and inference.

Hypha is a π-calculus analyzer: Hypha detects the linear usage of channels, it infers structured communication protocols (session types), and performs deadlock and lock freedom analysis.

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You'll find pictures of my trips, quotes I like, and a few more links in my personal section.

My October Symphony

«... mai fare previsioni, specie se ottimistiche.»
Primo Levi (Se questo č un uomo)

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