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30 April 2022

Fair Termination of Multiparty Sessions

The paper Fair Termination of Multiparty Sessions (Ciccone et al., 2022), written with Luca Ciccone and Francesco Dagnino, has been accepted at the 35th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2022). This is a follow up of previous work (Ciccone & Padovani, 2022) in which we apply our technique ensuring fair termination to multiparty sessions. In this work we also present a new sound and complete characterization of fair subtyping which is substantially simpler than previous ones and does not require auxiliary definitions or the use of a generalized inference system.

22 March 2022

Fair Termination in Agda

Fair termination is a termination property weaker than strong termination but stronger than weak termination in which only the “fair” executions of a system are considered insofar as termination is concerned, whereas “unfair” executions are considered to be unrealistic. For a particular fairness assumption, it is possible to provide a sound and complete characterization of fair termination that does not mention fair executions. The FairTermination module is an Agda formalization of this notion of fair termination along with soundness and completeness proofs of its characterization.

05 March 2022

TYPES 2022

I’m pleased to be a programme committee member of the 28th International Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs (TYPES 2022), looking forward to a bunch of exciting submissions and intriguiting talks by the invited speakers.

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