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Arturo is a shy male cat. He was born sometime in 2001, noone knows precisely when. He has a sister somewhere (I'm told). As most cats, he likes to take naps in weird (often inappropriate) places. When he's hungry, he tries to catch my attention by interrupting whatever I'm doing: he sits on my notes if I'm studying, or on the keyboard if I'm typing, or on the mouse pad if I'm browsing the Web.

Pictures/tn/arturo/artu001.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu002.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu003.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu010.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0668.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu_sofa.jpg
on the sofa

less than one year old

Pictures/tn/arturo/artu_sleep.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu004.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu_bed.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/20-12-12.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0670.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0671.jpg
ever seen a cat sleeping like this?

on my bed

leave me alone

fa l'indifferente ma so che č contento di vedermi

on the armchair

Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0326.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu005.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu006.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0184.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu_table.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu007.jpg
hunting a bug inside a lamp (the bug is on the outside)

on the kitchen table

on my breakfast mat

on my pants

Pictures/tn/arturo/artu_sweater.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu_jeans.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0629.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0630.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu008.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/artu009.jpg
in my Roots Canada sweater

on my printed out slides

on my PowerBook

on the mouse pad

on my notes

Pictures/tn/arturo/artu011.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0310.jpg Pictures/tn/arturo/dscn0311.jpg
in the kitchen sink

in a drawer

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