«By the time it was my turn to fall in love everyone was starting to check their watches and put on their coats.»
Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber (My turn)

personal > Athens (June 2005)


Random shots

Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0679.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0681.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0682.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0685.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0686.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0688.jpg
Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0689.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0690.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0691.jpg Pictures/tn/athens2005/dscn0693.jpg
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