Research interests

My current research regards the description and analysis of concurrent and distributed systems. I'm interested in process algebras with and without mobility (CCS, CSP, ᴨ-calculus, Join-Calculus) and other models of concurrency (Petri nets). Most of my research is about behavioral types, namely contracts and session types, and static forms of analysis for enforcing various safety properties (absence of communication errors, orphan messages, etc.) and liveness properties (progress, lock freedom, etc.). I'm interested in semantically grounded refinement and subtyping relations, such as must and fair testing. I have contributed to the implementation of some concurrent and distributed languages, in particular JCB (an implementation of the distributed Join-Calculus) and PiDuce (an extension of the π-calculus with XML datatypes and Web service integration).

In the past I have worked on the application of XML technologies to the representation, distribution, and presentation of formalized mathematics on the Web. In particular, on rendering scientific/technical documents with embedded MathML fragments. This led to the development of GtkMathView, a multi-purpose rendering engine for MathML which has been used in the HELM and Matita projects, as well as by the John Wiley & sons publisher for the production of online encyclopedias and scientific textbooks.

When I used to have some spare time (which is no longer the case), I also enjoyed studying, designing, and implementing functional programming languages. This interest has culminated in the (unfinished, but working) Carbon compiler.



  • International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
    ICALP '17 (PC member)
  • Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software
    PLACES '14 (PC member)  '17 (PC member)
  • International Summer School on Behavioural Types
    BETTYSS '14 (invited lecturer)  '16 (OC member)
  • IFIP International Conference on Formal Methods and Techniques
    FORTE '16 (PC member)
  • Workshop on New Object-Oriented Languages
    NOOL '16 (PC member)
  • Communication-based Computation: Practicalities of Programming with Sessions
    CoCoPoPS '15 (invited speaker)
  • European Symposium on Programming
    ESOP '15 (PC member)
  • Interaction and Concurrency Experience
    ICE '14 (PC member)  '15 (PC member)
  • Italian Conference on Theoretical Computer Science
    ICTCS '03 (OC member)  '15 (PC member)
  • NII Shonan Meeting
    Shonan '14 (invited speaker)
  • Track on Formal Approaches to Parallel and Distributed Systems
    4PAD '14 (PC member)
  • Young Researchers Workshop on Concurrency Theory
    YR-CONCUR '13 (PC member)
  • EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic
    CSL '13 (OC member)
  • Workshop su Contratti e Tipi Comportamentali
    COTICO '12 (invited speaker)
  • International Conference on Formal Verification of Object-Oriented Software
    FoVeOOS '11 (OC member)
  • International Workshop on Web Services and Formal Methods
    WS-FM '11 (PC member)
  • Workshop on Behavioural Types
    BTW '11 (invited speaker)
  • Service Oriented Architectures and Programming
    SOAP '10 (PC member)  '11 (PC member)
  • Workshop on Formal Languages and Analysis of Contract-Oriented Software
    FLACOS '10 (invited speaker)
  • Workshop on Security Oriented Formal Techniques
    WSOFT '10 (invited speaker)
  • International School on Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems
    SFM '09 (co-director, lecturer)
  • Federated Conferences on Distributed Computing Techniques
    DISCOTEC '06 (OC member)
  • International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management
    MKM '03 (OC chair)
  • Workshop on Web Enabling Technologies for Scientists
    WEBENABLING '02 (invited lecturer)
Recent projects
  • RePhrase
  • ICT COST Action IC1201 BETTY
    (chair of WG3: Programming Languages)
  • RS13MO12 DART (coordinator)
Past projects
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