Behavioral types
  • FuSe
    Luca Padovani
    Lightweight implementation of binary sessions and session type checking as an OCaml module.
    2015 - present
  • Hypha
    Luca Padovani
    Type reconstruction tool for the linear π-calculus with support for composite and regular types, deadlock and lock freedom analysis, and session type inference.
    2013 - present
  • SPAn
    Federico Angaramo, Paolo Inaudi and Luca Padovani
    Tool for type reconstruction and progress analysis of binary sessions, 2013
Programming languages
  • Carbon
    Luca Padovani
    Strict functional programming language, 2004 - 2007
  • PiDuce
    Samuele Carpineti, Leonardo Mezzina and Luca Padovani
    Distributed implementation of the asynchronous π-calculus with XML datatypes, pattern matching, and join patterns
  • PET
    Luca Padovani
    Path Expression Templates C++ library (regular path expressions over linked data structures)
  • The Join-Calculus Compiler
    Luca Padovani
    C implementation of the distributed join-calculus with mobile agents, 1998
  • yForth?
    Luca Padovani
    Small and portable Forth interpreter written in ANSI C, included in the Debian distribution of Linux
Undergraduate projects
  • lc
    Roberto Cornacchia, Andrea Ghidini, Alessandro Nanni and Luca Padovani
    Compiler for the λ-calculus that generates instructions for the Categorical Abstract Machine, 1997
  • kite
    Unix shell with support for remote processes, 1996
  • me
    Simona di Pancrazio, Luca Padovani and Federica Romagnoli
    MIPS microprocessor emulator (to be used with gasm), 1995
  • gasm
    Simona di Pancrazio, Luca Padovani and Federica Romagnoli
    Assembler for the MIPS R4000 instruction set, 1995
  • karn
    Simona di Pancrazio, Luca Padovani and Federica Romagnoli
    Didactical program for the simplification of Karnaugh maps, 1995. Apparently the source code of this program has been lost.
  • giocatore artificale
    Giovanna Orlandini, Luca Padovani, Patrizia Pirrò and Fabio Proni
    Chess-playing program written in Pascal (originally written in Macintosh Pascal, then ported to Turbo Pascal, it compiles with GNU Pascal and runs!), 1994
  • libXTFM
    Luca Padovani
    C API for accessing TFM files and exporting the metrics into XML, 2001
Words of wisdom
«The genes are the master programmers, and they are programming for their lives.» Richard Dawkins
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