«The genes are the master programmers, and they are programming for their lives.»

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Unless otherwise stated, all the software in this section is copyrighted by the respective authors.


Hypha type reconstruction tool for the linear π-calculus with composite and equi-recursive types.
SPAn (with Federico Angaramo and Paolo Inaudi), a tool for type reconstruction and progress analysis of binary sessions.


, a functional programming language.
, a distributed implementation of the asynchronous π-calculus with datatypes, pattern matching, and join patterns.
, a widget for rendering documents.
Gdome2 (with ), a implementation based on , the library for .
GMeta (with and ) automatically generated bindings.
MathEdit, an embeddable component for editing documents.
PET, a Path Expression Templates C++ library (regular path expressions over linked data structures).
EdiTeX (with Paolo Marinelli) an interactive, WYSIWYG editor for based on TeX syntax.
Gdome2-XSLT (with ), Gdome2-based C, C++, and bindings for , the library for .
GtkMathView-Bonobo (with Pouria Masoudi) a Bonobo Control for .
UWOBO, a servlet for stylesheet application.
libXTFM, retrieve information from TFM files and export the metrics into by means of this small and simple C library.
Flea, a Yacc Grammar Generator for parsing and stream processing of documents.
PocketMathML, a rendering engine for pocket-size devices based on Windows CE.
HELMPoT, a Netscape Plug-ouT for rendering documents
yForth?, a small and portable Forth interpreter written in ANSI C, included in the distribution of .

master thesis

The Compiler (1998), a C implementation of the distributed join-calculus with mobile agents.


lc (with , Andrea Ghidini, Alessandro Nanni, 1997), a compiler for the λ-calculus that generates instructions for the Categorical Abstract Machine.
kite (with , , 1996), a Unix shell with support for remote processes.
me (with Simona di Pancrazio, Federica Romagnoli, 1995), a MIPS microprocessor emulator (to be used with gasm).
gasm (with Simona di Pancrazio, Federica Romagnoli, 1995), an assembler for a subset of the MIPS R4000 instruction set.
karn (with Simona di Pancrazio, Federica Romagnoli, 1995), didactical program for the simplification of Karnaugh maps.
giocatore artificale (with Giovanna Orlandini, Patrizia Pirṛ, Fabio Proni, 1994), a chess-playing program written in Pascal (originally written in Macintosh Pascal, then ported to Turbo Pascal, it compiles with GNU Pascal and runs!).

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