Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum of Claudia Picardi


  1. Position and Degree
  2. Research Interests
  3. Projects
  4. Other research-related activities

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1. Position and Degree

2. Research Interests

My current research interests concern mainly model based diagnosis; in particular:

I am also working in the field of computer security, more precisely in the area of biometric techniques for user authentication and intrusion detection. I have worked together with the Security Research Group of my department on a user recognition system based on the way users type on the computer keyboard. Currently I am working on the testing phase of a more sophisticate system, which carries out the same type of analysis but without constraining the contents or the length of the text that users have to type in order to be recognized. This will allow the exploitation of the above mentioned techniques in a wider range of situations.

3. Other research-related activities

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4. Projects