Università di Torino

Regis Alenda, Nicola Olivetti, and Gian Luca Pozzato

CSLlean 1.0: a Theorem Prover for the Logic of Comparative Concept Similarity

The logic CSL of the comparative concept similarity has been introduced by Sheremet, Tishkovsky, Wolterand Zakharyaschev to capture a form of qualitative similarity comparison between concepts and/or objects.In this logic we can formulate assertions of the form "objects A are more similar to B than to C". Thiskind of assertions can be added to an ontology to express qualitative comparisons between concepts. CSLlean 1.0 is the first theorem-prover for this logic. It is a direct Prolog implementation of atableaux-based decision procedure recently proposed for this logic. The Prolog program is inspired by thelean-methodology. In this page you will find all you need to run and use CSLlean 1.0. If you need some help, please contact: pozzato[at]di.unito.it or consult the user manual.

Prolog source code

  CSLLean 1.0: Prolog source code
  CSLLean 1.1 (improved version)

Download the program CSLLean 1.0

CSLLean 1.0 contains a graphical interface written in Java. One can prove if a formula can be derived by a knowledge base by putting them into the text fields and then clicking a button.

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