Università di Torino

Giancarlo RUFFO

Department of Computer Science

University of Turin

Corso Svizzera 185, 10149 Torino, Italy
tel: (+39) 011 670 6771
fax: (+39) 011 751603


    Short Bio: My research interests range over the wide and multidisciplinary research area of complex systems and networks, with particular attention to techno-social systems. I investigated research issues on web and data mining, recommendation systems, networking analysis, distributed applications, peer-to-peer systems, security, and micro-payment systems. I am also the principal investigator of ARCS group.

    My cv and a list of selected publications is on-line.

    Teaching Activities: Please go to this page for further information about my current classes (Italian only.)


    • Our group's site in on line! It is called ARCS, that means: Applied Research on Computational Complex Networks. Follow us!
    • Likir: Layered Identity-based Kademlia infrastructure (Java) - with Licha (Instant Messaging application based on a fully decentralized architecture) and Dharma (Tag-based, general purpose indexing service)
    • DeHinter: A social oriented P2P recommender system
    • Visit the Dip's site. A DIgital Penguin introduces audio/video formats.

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