TUT and TUT-Penn
are the parallel treebanks
for training and testing parsing systems
at the
EVALITA 2007 Parsing Task (at the AI*IA'07 Conference).

The parsing task of EVALITA aims to define and extend the current state of the art in parsing of Italian by encouraging the application of existing models to this language.
In order to represent the intrinsic complexity of this task and account for different approaches, the task is composed by subtasks where quantitative evaluation of different kinds of outputs, also annotating different sets of features, will be performed. This, we expect, will result in a clear picture of the problems that lie ahead for Italian parsing and the kind of work necessary for adapting existing parsing models to this language.
The availability of more formats for the TUT allows for comparatively testing the results we expect from this task. Therefore the EVALITA Parsing Task is the first real possibility for the extension to Italian and comparison of both parsing models developed for the English Penn Treebank and those developed according to dependency-based approaches.

See also at the EVALITA Parsing Task page and guidelines.