Budapest, Hungary, May 2009

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Accepted Papers

The Programme Committee has selected 11 papers for presentation at the workshop:

  • Unifying the Intentional and Institutional Semantics of Speech Acts
    Carole Adam, Andreas Herzig, Dominique Longin, and Vincent Louis
  • Tableaux for Acceptance Logic
    Mathijs de Boer, Andreas Herzig, Tiago de Lima, and Emiliano Lorini
  • Ontology and Time Evolution of Obligations and Prohibitions using Semantic Web Technology
    Nicoletta Fornara and Marco Colombetti
  • Prioritized Goals and Subgoals in a Logical Account of Goal Change – A Preliminary Report
    Shakil M. Khan and Yves Lespérance
  • Microscopic Analysis of Edge Creation Process in Trust-based Social Networks
    Babak Khosravifar, Maziar Gomrokchi, and Jamal Bentahar
  • Computing Utility from Weighted Description Logic Preference Formulas
    Azzurra Ragone, Tommaso Di Noia, Francesco M. Donini, Eugenio Di Sciascio, and Michael P. Wellman
  • Explaining and Predicting the Behavior of BDI-Based Agents in Games
    Michal P. Sindlar, Medhi M. Dastani, Frank Dignum, and John-Jules Ch. Meyer
  • Correctness Properties for Multiagent Systems
    Munindar P. Singh and Amit K. Chopra
  • Reasoning and Planning with Cooperative Actions for Multiagents Using Answer Set Programming
    Tran Cao Son and Chiaki Sakama
  • Social Commitments in Time: Satisfied or Compensated (preliminary report)
    Paolo Torroni, Federico Chesani, Paola Mello, and Marco Montali
  • Verifying Dribble Agents
    Doan Thu Trang, Brian Logan, and Natasha Alechina