Istanbul, Turkey, 5 May 2015

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Accepted Papers

The Programme Committee has selected 11 papers for presentation at the workshop:

  • Semantic Mutation Testing for Multi-Agent Systems
    Zhan Huang and Rob Alexander
  • A probabilistic BPMN normal form to model and advise Human Activities
    Hector Ceballos, Victor Flores-Solorio, and Juan Pablo García-Vázquez
  • A Formal Description of a Mapping from Business Processes to Agents
    Tobias Küster, Marco Lützenberger and Sahin Albayrak
  • Towards quantitative analysis of multiagent systems through statistical model checking
    Benjamin Herd, Simon Miles, Peter McBurney, and Michael Luck
  • Programming Mirror-Worlds: An Agent-Oriented Programming Perspective
    Alessandro Ricci, Angelo Croatti, Pietro Brunetti, and Mirko Viroli
  • Evaluating Different Concurrency Configurations for Executing Multi-Agent Systems
    Maicon Rafael Zatelli, Alessandro Ricci, and Jomi Fred Hubner
  • Integrating Knowledge Representation Technologies for Multi-Agent Systems
    Timea Bagosi, Joachim De Greeff, Koen V. Hindriks, and Mark A. Neerincx
  • ACE: a Flexible Environment for Complex Event Processing in Logical Agents
    Stefania Costantini
  • Validating Requirements Using Gaia Analysis Models
    Nektarios Mitakidis, Pavlos Delias, and Nikolaos Spanoudakis
  • A Testbed for Agent Oriented SmartGrid Implementation
    Jorge Gomez-Sanz, Nuria Cuartero-Soler, and Sandra Garcia-Rodriguez
  • Tractable inquiry in information-rich environments
    Barbara Dunin-Keplicz and Alina Strachocka