Rome, Italy, 14 or 15 or 16 June 2012

100th anniversary of Alan Turing's birth

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All kinds of experiences are welcome! Three categories of contribution are possible:

  1. student experiences inside AI courses (e.g. laboratory demos),
  2. research and academic experiences,
  3. industrial experiences.
Beside the poster session, selected contributions will be presented at the workshop. Presentations will be open to a broad public, and authors are invited to specify the kind of audience their contributions aim at involving.

Each proposal (demos, demonstrators, videos, systems exploiting AI results, ideas) must be submitted in the form of a paper written either in English or in Italian, and formatted according to the Springer LNCS style. The paper must not exceed 5 pages. Ideally, it should contain a description of the contribution (in the case of demos, it should contain also some details about the demonstration itself). Morevoer, the five-page paper should contain a high-level description of the AI techniques exploited within the specific proposal, and a short list of bibliographic references: these parts should be organized and written to address a general audience, and should help readers without any AI background to understand the contribution and the relation with AI.

Paper submission is electronic via the conference website:

Enter the PAI 2012 Submission System!

You may also submit an abstract first and upload the actual paper at a later time (this is in fact strongly recommended). Furthermore, you may revise your submission any number of times before the deadline. Please feel free to contact the organisers with any questions you may have.