Università di Torino

Research on "Formal Methods in Computing"

A calculus for ``environment-aware'' computation

Viviana BONO, Ferruccio DAMIANI , and Paola GIANNINI

Work partially supported by IST-2001-33477 DART, MURST Cofin '01 NAPOLI Project, and CNR-GNSAGA.

ABSTRACT. We present a calculus for modelling ``environment-aware'' computations, that is computations that adapt their behaviour according to the capabilities of the environment. The calculus is an imperative, object-based language with extensible objects, equipped with a labelled transition semantics. A notion of bisimulation, lifting to computations a correspondence between the capabilities of different environments, is provided. Bisimulation can be used to prove that a program is ``cross-environment'', i.e., it has the same behaviour when run in different environments.


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