ViRiS - RX Simulator

The project, in collaboration with the Department of Medical Physics of the Molinette Hospital in Torino, aims to create a tool for the training of radiologists technicians. We developed a real-time tool for simulating digital X-ray images, based on GPU computing and CUDA architecture. The tool reproduces a radiological room including a source of primary beam, a virtual phantom and a detector, and builds a physically-realistic radiography in real-time. Such tool is useful in a radiological department for training health operators: the operator can analyze in real-time the influence of exposure parameters (photon beam energy, intensity of radiation beam, detectors) on a virtual patient and dose optimization processes can be performed, reducing the radiation dose to patients. Moreover, such tool allows to make the best use of available resources, saving time, human workload and occupancy time of the radiological room.

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