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Disciplinary scientific sector of activity: INF_01 - INFORMATICA

Interests and research projects:

  • Gait Analysis
    Biometrics is the science that studies the human characteristics for anthropometry research, people identification, access control and many more. Biometric features are measurable data classified as physical or behavioral. The former are related to the body and its shape. Some examples are face, hand, iris, retina and fingerprint. Behavioral characteristics are associated to particular human action, for instance handwriting and walking. Automatic recognition systems are often expensive, intrusive and require the cooperation of the subject during the acquisition. The latter cannot be always guaranteed, for instance in a video surveillance context. In this case, it is useful to recognize people through biometric parameters that can be captured at a distance and without the collaboration of the person, such as gait. Gait analysis finds interest not only in video surveillance systems and forensics science. Many applications analyze the gait in order to discover pathologies of the body movement, rehabilitation therapy, identify the fall risk in elderly population in order to assess the frailty syndrome. All these applications are based on the analysis of video and 2D images. Images and videos are processed in order to collect gait parameters applying both model-based approaches, using the definition of a 3D model of the body in movement, or by model-free approaches, that process the silhouette of a walking person.


    Human Classification Using Gait Features
    ITIF - Innovative Technological Instrument to assess Frailty
  • Medical Imaging Simulation
    Radiography is nowadays a common medical exam, used for diagnosing several diseases, but has the disadvantage of exposing people to a dose of radiation. For this reason, it is important to study methods for reducing such dose.


    ViRiS - RX Simulator