International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition

Workshop Program - AIC 2013 - Download the PDF version here

8,30 - 9,00 Registration 9,00 Welcome and Introduction

9,00 - 10,00 Invited Speaker:

Christian Freksa (University of Bremen, Germany)
The Power of Space and Time. How Spatial and Temporal Structures Can Replace Computational Effort

10,00 - 12,30 Oral Presentations (Full papers)

10,00 - 10,30 Miriam Buonamente, Haris Dindo and Magnus Johnsson

Simulating Actions with the Associative Self-Organizing Map

10,30 - 11,00 Coffee break

11,00 - 11,30 Antonio Chella
Towards a Cognitive Architecture for Music Perception

11,30 - 12,00 Onofrio Gigliotta, Paolo Bartolomeo and Orazio Miglino
Introducing Sensory-motor Apparatus in Neuropsychological Modelization

12,00 - 12,30 Jordi-Ysard Puigbo, Albert Pumarola and Ricardo Tellez
Controlling a General Purpose Service Robot By Means Of a Cognitive Architecture

12,30 - 13,50 Lunch

14,00 - 15,00 Invited Speaker:

Orazio Miglino (University of Napoli Federico II and ISTC-CNR, Italy)
When Psychology and Technology Converge. The Case of Spatial Cognition

15,00 - 15,30 Oral Presentation

15,00 - 15,30 Agnese Augello, Salvatore Gaglio, Gianluigi Oliveri and Giovanni Pilato
Acting on Conceptual Spaces in Cognitive Agents

15,30 - 15,50 Coffee Break

15,50 - 16,40 Poster Session (short papers)

David Tobinski and Oliver Kraft. Latent Semantic Analysis as Method for Automatic Question Scoring

Roberto Pirrone, Vincenzo Cannella and Antonio Chella. Higher-order Logic Description of MDPs to Support Meta-cognition in Artificial Agents

Flavio Zelazek. Dual Aspects of Abduction and Induction

Martin Flament Fultot. Plasticity and Robotics

Paolo Ciancarini, Angelo Di Iorio, Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Silvio Peroni and Fabio Vitali

Characterising citations in scholarly articles: an experiment


Janos Sarbo. A meta-theory for knowledge representation

Alice Ruggeri and Luigi Di Caro. Linguistic Affordances: Making Sense of Word Senses

Yutaro Sugimoto, Yuri Sato and Shigeyuki Nakayama. Towards a Formalization of Mental Model Reasoning for Syllogistic Fragments

16,40 - 18,10 Oral Presentations (Full papers)

16,40 - 17,10 Alice Ruggeri and Luigi Di Caro.
How Affordances can Rule the (Computational) World

17,10 - 17,40 Olga Acosta, Cesar Aguilar and Gerardo Sierra.
Using relational adjectives for extracting hyponyms from medical texts

17,40 - 18,10 Leo Ghignone, Antonio Lieto and Daniele P. Radicioni
Typicality-Based Inference by Plugging Conceptual Spaces Into Ontologies

18,10 Closing