AIC 2015

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition

Il Castello del Valentino - Turin

International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Cognition, 3rd Edition

JOIN AIC 2016 in New York City ! The AIC 2015 workshop is entirely sponsored by the Fondazione Fondo Ricerca e Talenti, the University Foundation of the University of Torino (Italy) supporting the dissemination of scientific activities by young researchers. All the info of the event are available on the Facebook page: Follow us !


The research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been based, from an historical standpoint, on a strong collaboration between computer scientists, psychologists, engineers, philosophers, linguists and biologists working in the Cognitive Science field. This collaboration, has produced - along the years - mutual benefits for all the disciplines involved.

In more recent years, after a period of partial fragmentation of the research directions, the area of cognitively inspired artificial systems has attracted a renewed attention both from academia and industry and the awareness about the need for additional research in this interdisciplinary field is gaining again widespread acceptance.

AIC 2015 is the third appointment of the workshop series AIC, started in 2013 (, stemming from the need of creating an international scientific forum for the discussion and the presentation of the theoretical and applied research developments in the field of cognitively inspired Artificial Intelligence.

In this spirit, the AIC 2015 workshop aims at putting together researchers coming from different domains (e.g., artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, philosophy, social sciences, etc.) working on the interdisciplinary field of cognitively inspired artificial systems.

AIC 2015 particularly welcome papers raising challenging questions, innovative ideas and out of the box thinking and which, as a consequence, can help to promote interesting discussions at the workshop. The participation of younger researchers and the submission of research papers also at early stage of work is encouraged as well.

Please address questions regarding the workshop to Antonio Lieto, Cristina Battaglino and Manuela Sanguinetti {lieto,battagli,msanguin}

AIC 2015 - Keynote Speakers