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Research Groups:    Awards, Fellowships, Acknowledgments
  • Abilitato come professore di Prima Fascia in LOGICA MATEMATICA E MATEMATICHE COMPLEMENTARI 01/A1 dal 2020. (Abilitato come Professore di Seconda Fascia per lo stesso settore dal 2012).
  • Best Paper Award for Static Analysis of Featured Transition Systems by M. H. ter Beek, F. Damiani, M. Lienhardt, F. Mazzanti, L. Paolini. In SPLC '19: Proceedings of the 23rd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference - Volume A, ACM 2019.
  • Best Paper Award for A Formal Model for Multi SPLs by Ferruccio Damiani, Michael Lienhardt and Luca Paolini. In: Dastani M., Sirjani M. (eds) Fundamentals of Software Engineering, 2017. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10522. Springer.
  • Visiting researcher about "Call-by-Value Resource Analysis" at "Computer Laboratory", Oxford University (UK) in collaboration with Professor Luke Ong.
  • Awards for Best Italian PhD Theses in Theoretical Computer Science 2004. Awarded by Italian Chapter of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science.
  • Assegnista di Ricerca biennale sul tema "Fondazione logica dei tipi intersezione" presso il dipartimento di Informatica dell'Universita di Torino, 2003.
  • Accepted for the participation in the NATO Summer School “Proof and System Reliability” (Marktoberdorf, Germany), allocated by the Advanced Study Institute of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme. 2001
  • Prize for best Degree Thesis on Computer Science of 1998. Awarded by the Università degli Studi di Torino. 1999

  • Project Management: 2018-2020 Project Leader of "Fondazioni logiche della computazione" (ric. Locale),  Leader of Task "Formal syntax ans semantics of DSVL" (T2.2) of HyVar 2015,  2013-15 Project Leader of "Unconventional Computing Models" (ric. Locale),   Project Leader of LINTEL project,  MC Substitute Member of  Rich Model Toolkit - IC0901 .
  • Summer Schools TeachingInternational School on Rewriting - ISR'09 (Brazil, 2009) (Slides -- 29 June 2009),  International Summer School Chambery-Torino 2006  (Slides).
  • Some Projects Aggregate Programming 2019 San Paolo Project, Reversible Computation - Extending Horizons of Computing 2015 ICT COST Action IC1405, EUTYPES EC-COST Action CA15123 , RunVAR San Paolo Project, HyVar EC H2020 RIA project, LINTEL project , Metodi logici per il trattamento dell'informazione" PRIN 2010-11,  “ Sharing and Sequentiality in Proof Systems with Locality"2012-2014 UK Exchanges Scheme, Rich Model Toolkit - IC0901,   French PICS "Logique linéaire et applications" project  CONCERTO, TYPES, FOLLIADARTPROTOCOLLO, APPSEM2, COMETA, TOSCALINEAR.
  • Conferences and MeetingsLinearity 2014, ITRS 2014, LSFA 2013, ITRS 2012 (Chair), LSFA 2012, IC0901-meeting 2011, LSFA 2011, LSFA 2010, Linearity 2009 , RDP09TLCA 2009, LSFA 2009, LSFA 2008 .