sentiment analysis in the planet art

In this project we propose to study how to fruitfully apply Sentiment Analysis to the Planet Art, by exploiting, as an information source, tags or other traces that the visitors leave for commenting artworks on social platforms.
Seeing artworks exposed in a fair or gallery has a strong emotional impact on the visitors of the exhibition. Many museums and associations opened their collections for access on the web and have studied the potential of social tagging. Tagging, due to its highly subjective nature, is perceived as a valuable feedback that reveals the way in which users perceives collections, exhibitions, artworks. Moreover it can stimulate participation and encourage visitors to share their experiences with one another.
User data collected by art social platforms are a precious information source about trends, emotions and feelings. Our focus is on extracting from the floating individual meanings and reactions of the visitors of an exhibition a shared emotional semantic with the final aim of offering to users an emotion-driven access to the artworks.



Short term researchers and students

Former Contributors


The core idea of the Arsemotica project was a brainchild of researchers from the Dipartimento di Informatica, and creative members of the Associazione Culturale Arsmeteo (ACA).

The current version of the software Arsemotica (prototype v1.0) has been developed by researchers and students from Dipartimento di Informatica, University of Turin.