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Vincenzo Lombardo's research concerns methodologies, models and applications of informatics, and Artificial Intelligence in particular, for interdisciplinary challenges. In the past, he has worked on natural language processing (dependency syntax and parsing), and the cognitive modeling of human reasoning (following the mental models paradigm) and of human language processing (incremental parsing, with a special attention on coordination).
More recently, he has shifted to storytelling and communication, by applying intelligent techniques to research on drama analysis, safeguarding of cultural heritage, and multimedia design/production. In particular, the focus is on the devise of computational ontologies for the encoding of domain knowledge (drama, geology, contemporary art, urban planning), the annotation of metadata, the design of visual frameworks, the automatic visualization from the encoded knowledge. Applicative scenarios concern development of machine-readable domain knowledge that is robust with respect to consistency and interoperability from multiple sources, design of multimedia communication based on the encoded knowledge, design and implementation of applications and tools.

Selected Projects, Grants and Fellowships as Director/WP leader, grouped by topics

Digital heritage
immagine vep 2004–2005: Coordinator of the “Virtual Electronic Poem” (VEP) project , funding European Union – Culture 2000 Programme, partners: Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park (Turin, Italy), with CIRMA–University of Torino, University of Bath (Bath, UK), Technische Universität Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Politechnika Słaska (Gliwice, Poland); the VEP project has produced a virtual reality reconstruction of Le Corbusier’s Poèeme électronique, designed for the Philips Pavilion at the Brussels world fair of 1958 (architecture Iannis Xenakis, music Edgar Varèese); the project produced four installations, hosted in festivals, exhibitions, and museums.
immagine dramatour
2006: Coordinator of the project DramaTour, funding Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, ICT Programme, “Italian Culture portal”, partners: CIRMA–University of Torino and Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, the Dramatour project has designed, implemented, and tested with the public a museum virtual guide on mobile device, interpreted by a virtual storyteller in interactive 3D graphics.
immagine CADMOS
2010–12: Coordinator of the project Character-centred Annotation of Dramatic Media ObjectS” (CADMOS), funding Region Piedmont, Innovation Hub programme; partners: CIRMA-Universit di Torino, sme’s Show.it and Fiorita Officine, le Lumiq Studios; the CADMOS project produced a prototype for the semantic annotation of media objects of dramatic type, employed in the production of audiovisual media.
logo Invisibilia

2012–2014: Workpackage leader in the project Invisibilia, funding Compagnia di San Paolo (bank foundation), partners: Politecnico di Torino and Università di Torino, Department of Territory Sciences, CIRMA, Pensativa (subcontractor); topic: for the visualization in a computer graphics geo-localized environment of the "invisible" features of contemporary public art.
immagine Progeo

20012–2015: Workpackage leader in the project ”Progeo Piemonte”, funding Compagnia di San Paolo (bank foundation), partners: Department of Earth Sciences (Coordinator, Università di Torino), CNR-IGG (Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources), Regional Museum of Natural Science, CGI – Italian Glaciology Committee, Università di Torino (Department of Computer Science, Department of Plant Biology, Department of Commodity Science), DIATI - Engineering Department of the Environment, Land and Infrastructure (Politecnico di Torino) topic: innovative approach for the management and enhancement of the geological heritage, multimedia communication of geologic knowledge (3D movie on ``Turin: before the city'').
Knowledge encoding and multimedia communication
Green Co-creation
2015–2017: Workpackage leader in the project Incubators, funding EU, Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe, partners: Politecnico di Torino, Innovation Service Network GmbH (ISN), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KULeuven), Neurovation GmbH, University College London (UCL), City of Torino, Università di Torino (subcontractor) topic: design and implementation of a 3D environment for the visualization of knowledge-based urban planning.

2014–2016: Workpackage leader in the project ”Green Co-Creation”, funding Region Piedmont, Innovation Hub programme, partners: Politecnico di Torino, E++, Università di Torino (subcontractor); semantics-based 3D graphic environment for planning and monitoring energy-saving intervention on buildings..
logo Labyrinth

2012–2014: Workpackage leader in the project Labyrinth, funding Region Piedmont, Innovation Hub programme, partners: CIRMA - Università di Torino, sme’s Show.it, Neos edizioni, noReal (subcontractor); topic: 3D graphic metaphor design and implementation for cultural heritage exploration with a semantics informed architecture.
Language technologies and multimedia
immagine ATLAS

immagine LIS4All
2009–2012: Workpackage leader in the project ”Automatic Translation into Sign Language” (ATLAS), funding Region Piedmont, “Converging technologies” programme, partners: Politecnico di Torino, Università di Torino, Microsoft Innovation Centre, RAI Centro Ricerche, Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park S.p.A., sme Beps Engineering, the ATLAS project has designed and implemented a general translation environment from Spoken Italian to Italian Sign Language (LIS).

2012–2014: Workpackage leader in the project ”LIS4ALL”, funding Region Piedmont, Innovation Hub programme, partners: Politecnico di Torino, Università di Torino, Regola, Tex97, Beps Engineering; the LIS4ALL project has relied on the ATLAS technoogy for the design and implementation of the Spoken Italian–Italian Sign Language (LIS) translation in the railway domain with the installation of display devices conveying messages in a national station.
Virtual augmentation to the real world
logo Strattour

2011–2013: Workpackage leader in the project Strattour, funding EU, Alcotra programme, partners: Regione Liguria (coordinator), Regione Piemonte, Agenzia regionale per la promozione turistica ”In Liguria", Conseil rgional Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, Conseil rgional Rhne-Alpes, Comit Rgional de Tourisme Provence Alpes Cote dAzur, Rhone-Alpes Tourisme, Regione autonoma Valle d’Aosta - Dir. promozione e marketing, Regione autonoma Valle d’Aosta - Dip. politiche del lavoro e formazione; topic: implementation of an intelligent engine and graphic environment for the matching of job demand-offer (see platform at http://lavorointeractive.eu).
logo 150digit

2010–2011: Coordinator of the project 150 digit, funding Region Piedmont, Innovation Hub programme, partners: CIRMA - Università di Torino, Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park S.p.A.; topic: educational environment around the exhibitions of the 150 years of Italy’s unity relying on semantic encoding and 3D graphic interface.