Vincenzo Lombardo

Full professor of Informatics
Department of Informatics icona mappa and CIRMA icona mappa
Università degli Studi di Torino
Torino, Italy
Email: First dot last names, the at thing followed by university shortening dot country initials
Phone: +39 011 6706722 / 4210 

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Vincenzo Lombardo PhD, born in 1964, is a Full Professor of Informatics, at the University of Turin, Italy (Department of Informatics).
He doctorated in Computer Science in the Turin-Milan University Consortium (1993). He is the President of CIRMA (Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Multimedia and Audiovideo).
He is the Coordinator of the Scientific Board of international PhD programme Technology for Culture.
At public company Virtual Reality & Multi Media Park, he has run the Art-Science Alliance Laboratory (ASA Lab) from 2004 to 2012 (see videos on Vimeo at the company account and the personal account), as a multimedia designer and producer.
He has been the principal investigator of the EU-funded project VEP (Virtual Electronic Poem), of the national project DramaTour, of the regional project CADMOS (Character-centred Annotation of Dramatic Media ObjectS). He has been a key-person and workpackage leader in EU-project Beyond archaeology.
His research concerns methodologies, models and applications of informatics, and AI in particular, for interdisciplinary challenges, such as semantic annotation and visualization for heritage metadata, multimedia applications, natural language processing, and cognitive modeling. His papers are published in international journals, books, conference proceedings. He is also active as a multimedia designer and producer.