We have studied the problem of enumerating and counting chemical trees. First, we focused our attention to the alkane molecular family developing several enumeration algorithms. These algorithms face the problem of efficiently enumerates trees in a unique way. Then, we have addressed the problem of computing topological indices such as the Hyper-Wiener index for molecules in the alkanes family. A new algorithm having optimal linear computational complexity has been developed.

We are currently working on algorithms to estimate phylogenies using the Minimum Evolution principle through non-isomorphic phylogenetic enumeration.

Health Care Management

An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) system is a service providing pre-hospital (or out-of-hospital) acute care to patients with illnesses and injuries. A key factor for a successful treatment of an injury is the early response, i.e., the emergency services get to scene quickly.
In order to guarantee a good performance of the system, the critical resources must be carefully managed. The critical resources involved are the ambulances and the staff employed at the operation center.

We are currently working on methods and applications to efficiently manage those critical resources. We are using both optimization and simulation to find efficient location for ambulances and to efficiently compose teams working at the operation center.

We are also working on problems arising in the operating room planning

Combinatorial Optimization

We studied several optimization problems arising in the field of environmental planning such as the routing problem arising in the collection and disposal of special waste, the management and network planning of a district heating system with a combined heat and power plant and the powering of local energy system by incineration. Both exact and approximated solution approaches have been used.

We are also developing and studying metaheuristics algorithms for efficiently solving combinatorial optimization problems. We are particularly interested in comparing different approaches to highlight the behavior of different intensification and diversification strategies.

Other Topics