Workshop Program - ESSEM 2013

Venue: Trento 13, Torino.
Room: Sala Rossa.

8,30 – 9,00 Registration
9,00 - 9,10 Welcome and Introduction

9,10 – 10,30 Session 1

9,10 Hassan Saif, Miriam Fernandez, Yulan He and Harith Alani
Evaluation Datasets for Twitter Sentiment Analysis: A survey and a new dataset, the STS-Gold
Presentation slides

9,30 Robert Remus
Modeling and Representing Negation in Data-driven Machine Learning-based Sentiment Analysis Best paper award
Presentation slides

9,50 Francisco Manuel Rangel Pardo and Paolo Rosso
On the Identification of Emotions and Authors' Gender in Facebook Comments on the Basis of their Writing Style
Presentation slides

10,10 Mark Cieliebak, Oliver Dürr and Fatih Uzdilli
Potential and Limitations of Commercial Sentiment Detection Tools
Presentation slides

10,30 – 10,50 Coffee break

10,50 – 11,50 Invited Talk
Carlo Strapparava (FBK-irst, Trento)
Creative Natural Language Processing

11,50 – 12,30 Session 2

11,50 Isabella Poggi and Francesca D'Errico
Multimodal Acid Communication of a politician
Presentation slides

12,10 J. Fernando Sánchez-Rada and Carlos A. Iglesias
Onyx: Describing Emotions on the Web of Data.
Presentation slides

12,30 – 13,45 Lunch

13,45 – 14,25 Session 3

13,45 Valentina Franzoni, Valentina Poggioni and Fabiana Zollo
Automated Classification of Book Blurbs According to the Emotional Tags of the Social Network Zazie
Presentation slides

14,05 Leonardo Allisio, Valeria Mussa, Cristina Bosco, Viviana Patti and Giancarlo Ruffo
Felicittà: Visualizing and Estimating Happiness in Italian Cities from Geotagged Tweets
Presentation slides

14,25 – 15,30 Poster Session
14,25 – 15,00 Posters’ short Introduction: short papers & position papers

Irene Russo and Tommaso Caselli. Changeable polarity of verbs through emotions’ attribution in crowdsourcing experiments Presentation slides

Fabio Celli and Cristina Zaga. Be Conscientious, Express your Sentiment! Presentation slides

Rodolfo Delmonte. Computing Poetry Style Presentation slides

Andrea Bolioli, Federica Salamino and Veronica Porzionato. Social media monitoring in real life with Blogmeter platform Presentation slides

Iqra Javed and Hammad Afzal. Opinion analysis of bi-lingual event data from social networks

Michela Tomasi. Emotion-Driven Specifications in Interactive Artwork Presentation slides

Livio Robaldo, Luigi Di Caro and Alessio Antonini. SentiTagger - Automatically tagging text in OpinionMining-ML Presentation slides

15,30 – 15,50 Coffee break

15,50 – 17,00 Artwork Session: artist talks and exhibition
15,50 – 16,15 Artworks’ short Introduction (artist talks)

Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico
An Emotional Compass. Harvesting Geo-located Emotional States from User Generated Content on Social Networks and Using them to Create a Novel Experience of Cities
Mobile interface

Ennio Bertrand
Soffio (Breath). Interactive poetry and words installation

Save the Earth vs Destroy the Earth

Andrea Vigani
The deep sound of a global tweet: Sonic window #1
Real time audio installation

Alberto Novello
Fragmentation – a brain-controlled performance
Installation/brain-controlled performance

17,00 – 17,40 Session 4

17,00 Rossana Damiano, Cristina Battaglino, Vincenzo Lombardo and Antonio Pizzo.
Annotating characters' emotions in drama
Presentation slides

17,20 Viviana Patti and Federico Bertola.
Organizing Artworks in an Ontology-based Semantic Affective Space
Presentation slides

17,40 – 18,20 Panel and Closing

20 -23: Social Event/Exhibition at Lombroso 16

AI*IA 2013 Workshop


Important Dates

  • Submission deadline:
    September 25th, 2013 (extended)
  • Notification of acceptance:
    October 28st, 2013
  • Early registration:
    October 31st, 2013
  • Workshop Date:
    December, 3rd 2013


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