Topics of interest

ESSEM aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners both from academy and industry. The workshop wants to take an active part in growing a new field in terms of multi-disciplinary research and to identify and investigate important open issues by cross-validating different approaches in emotion research from the AI community. Therefore, we encourage the submission of research papers from different areas such as natural language processing, semantic web, intelligent agents and multi/agent systems, affective computing. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • social media corpora and annotations for subjectivity, emotion and sentiment
  • subjectivity, sentiment and emotion detection in social & expressive media
  • concept-level sentiment analysis
  • biologically inspired opinion mining
  • sentiment-based indexing, search and retrieval in social & expressive media
  • emotion modeling and ontologies of emotions
  • knowledge representation & reasoning about emotions
  • semantic web technologies for subjectivity and sentiment analysis
  • emotions in virtual agents and multi-agent systems
  • social simulation and emotions in cooperative MAS environments
  • emotions in face to face interactions
  • emotions in multimedia and multimodal systems
  • emotions in sounds and music computing
  • emotions in interactive entertainment (drama, games, etc.)
  • emotions in storytelling
  • creative language (humor, irony, etc.) in social & expressive media
  • aesthetic perception monitoring in museums (e.g. via wearable sensors)
  • emotions in cultural heritage access
  • sentiment summarization & visualization
  • applications of sentiment analysis on social & expressive media

Special focus: emotions in the planet Art

Within the leading thread described above, we propose a special focus for ESSEM 2013: emotions and sentiment in applicative fields related to creativity, its expressions and its outcomes, i.e. figurative arts, music, drama, etc. Artistic creation and performance seems to be a very interesting testbed for cross-validating and possibly integrating approaches, models and tools for automatically analyzing and generating emotion and sentiment. In fact, in such context the social and subjective dimension naturally emerges, think for instance to feedbacks by visitors of a real or virtual art exhibition, or to the audience-oeuvre (or audience-performance) interaction. Moreover, expressive features of the artistic performance can provide an interesting case study for evaluating proposals of systems for automatic generation of emotional behaviors. Our final hope is to encourage the research community to develop models and tools to bring innovation in several application fields (edutainment, healthcare, cultural heritage etc.), in order to give, in the next future, an essential contribution to the development of an inclusive and innovative society.

On this line, we encourage the submission of research papers investigating aspects of emotion and sentiment in fields related to creativity and expressive media.
Moreover, we welcome the submission of artworks, where affective computing is recognized to play a key role in the generation of artistic contents or in the implementation of new forms of interaction to engage the user/audience.
We will welcome a wide range of topics and format (installation, performance, software application, music, sound design, graphic, etc.), but we will particularly consider works that will exploit technologies such as:

  • real time interaction
  • web based applications
  • mobile device
  • social media and communication
  • multimodal display
  • physical computing
  • data visualization/auralization
  • feedback systems

The selected works will be discussed within the workshop and exhibited for the duration of the conference in a specific venue in Turin (to be defined). The call for artworks and guidelines about the submission of artworks can be found here: PDF.

AI*IA 2013 Workshop


Important Dates

  • Submission deadline:
    September 25th, 2013 (extended)
  • Notification of acceptance:
    October 21st, 2013
  • Early registration:
    October 31st, 2013
  • Workshop Date:
    December, 3rd 2013


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