Accepted papers

Long presentations

  • Adam Amos-Binks, Colin Potts and R. Michael Young. Planning Graphs for Efficient Generation of Desirable Narrative Trajectories
  • Jenna Bellassai, Andrew Gordon, Melissa Roemmele, Margaret Cychosz, Obiageli Odimegwu and Olivia Connolly. Unsupervised Text Classification for Natural Language Interactive Narratives
  • Labiba Jahan, Geeticka Chauhan and Mark A. Finlayson. Building on Word Animacy to Determine Coreference Chain Animacy in Cultural Narratives
  • Duri Long, Sanjana Gupta, Brian Magerko and Jessica Anderson. The Shape of Story: A Semiotic Artistic Visualization of a Communal Storytelling Experience
  • Justus Robertson, Adam Amos-Binks and R. Michael Young. Directing Intentional Superposition Manipulation
  • Brandon Thorne and R. Michael Young. Generating Stories that Include Failed Actions by Modeling False Character Beliefs
  • Josep Valls-Vargas, Jichen Zhu and Santiago Ontañón. Towards End-to-end Natural Language Story Generation Systems
  • Stephen Ware. Mutual Implicit Question Answering for Shared Authorship: A Pilot Study on Player Expectations
  • David Winer and R. Michael Young. A Specialized Corpus For Film Understanding
  • David Winer and R. Michael Young. Automated Screenplay Annotation for Extracting Storytelling Knowledge

Short presentations

  • Leonid Berov. Towards a Computational Measure of Plot Quality Based on Embedded Narratives
  • Markus Eger and Chris Martens. Character Beliefs in Story Generation
  • James Niehaus, R. Michael Young, Scott Neal Reilly, Peter Weyhrauch and James Tittle. Towards Intelligent Narrative-Based Interfaces for Information Discovery
  • Justus Robertson and R. Michael Young. Narrative Mediation as Probabilistic Planning
  • Keshav Prasad, Kayla Briët, Obiageli Odimegwu, Olivia Connolly, Diego Gonzalez and Andrew Gordon. "The Long Walk" From Linear Film to Interactive Narrative
  • R. Michael Young. Sketching a generative model of intention management for characters in stories: Adding intention management to a belief-driven story planning algorithm

Poster presentations

  • Camille Barot, Rogelio Cardona-Rivera, Markus Eger, Michelle Glatz, Colin Potts, Justus Robertson, Makiko Shukunobe, Laura Tateosian, Brandon Thorne and R. Michael Young. Bardic: Generating Multimedia Narratives for Game Logs
  • Rossana Damiano, Antonio Lieto, Vincenzo Lombardo. Testing the effectiveness of narrative archetypes for archive exploration
  • Bhuvana Chandra Inampudi, Xun Zhang and Mubbasir Kapadia. Dynamic and Accelerated Partial Order Planning for Interactive Narratives
  • Brent Harrison, Christopher Purdy and Mark Riedl. Toward Automated Story Generation with Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods and Deep Neural Networks
  • Joseph Osborn, James Ryan and Michael Mateas. Analyzing Expressionist Grammars by Reduction to Symbolic Visibly Pushdown Automata