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Alcuni riferimenti sull'insegnamento dell'Informatica in Europa e nel mondo:

  • Informatics Europe ha prodotto il report "Informatics Education in Europe: Institutions, Degrees, Students, Positions, Salaries - Key Data". E' disponibile sul sito IE http://www.informatics-europe.org/services/reports.html .
  • A brochure to prepare High School students for careers in computing: http://computingcareers.acm.org/ . It describes the major areas of study available in the field, as well as a wide range of career opportunities. "Computing Degrees and Careers", prepared by ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, and the Association for Information Systems (AIS), aims to counter the many misperceptions circulating among high school students, their parents, and teachers about careers in the computing field.
    The accompanying website provides additional details, including the "Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing," and "Skills You'll Learn If You Study Computing."


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