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Felice Cardone's publications:

Publications in refereed international journals

  1. Cardone Felice, A coinductive completeness proof for the equivalence of recursive types, 2002, Theoretical Computer Science, 275, pp. 575-587 icona file pdf
  2. Boldi Paolo; Cardone Felice; Droste Manfred, Universal homogeneous graph-like structures and domains, 2002, Mathematical Structures in Computer Science, 12, 1, pp. 91-109 icona file pdf
  3. Cardone Felice, Recursive Types for Fun, 1991, Theoretical Computer Science, 83, pp. 29-56
  4. Cardone Felice; Coppo Mario, Type Inference with Recursive Types: Syntax and Semantics, 1991, Information and Computation, 92, 1, pp. 48-80 icona file pdf

Publications in refereed conferences

  1. Cardone Felice; Coppo Mario, Decidability Properties of Recursive Types, 2003, in: C. Blundo, C. Laneve (eds.), Proceedings ICTCS '03, Lecture Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 2841, Springer-Verlag, pp. 242-255 icona file pdf
  2. Cardone Felice, An algebraic approach to the interpretation of recursive types, 1992, in: Proceedings CAAP '92 (J.-C. Raoult, ed.), Rennes, France, February 26-28, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 581, Springer, 1992, pp. 66-85 icona file pdf

Books and Book chapters

  1. Cardone Felice; Coppo Mario, Recursive Types, part II of the volume "Typed Lambda Calculus with Applications", 2011, edited by H. Barendregt, W. Dekkers e R. Statman, Cambridge University Press and Association for Symbolic Logic
  2. Cardone Felice, The geometry and algebra of commitment, 2011, presented at the workshop Games, Dialogues and Interaction, Paris, September 28-30, 2009. To appear in "Ludics, dialogue and interaction" (edited by A. Lecomte and S. Tronçon), Springer FoLLI LNAI volume 6505, 2011. icona file pdf
    A talk based on this paper has been given at the meeting of the project CONCERTO (Controllo e certificazione dell'uso delle risorse), Torino, 9-11 Giugno 2010 icona file pdf
  3. Cardone Felice, Corrado Mangione, le categorie, la logica, 2011, in: La ricerca logica in Italia, Studi in onore di Corrado Mangione, a cura di Edoardo Ballo e Carlo Cellucci. Quaderni di Acme 124, Cisalpino, Milano, 2011, pp. 247-259 icona file pdf
  4. Hindley J. Roger; Cardone Felice, History of Λ-calculus and Combinatory Logic, 2006, University of Wales, Swansea, Department of Mathematics, Mathematical Research Report Series No. 05-06, 2006. Final version appeared in Handbook of the History of Logic. Volume 5. Logic from Russell to Church (edited by D. Gabbay and J. Woods), Elsevier, 2009, pp. 723-817 icona file pdf
    See also the Errata List icona file pdf
  5. Holt A.W., Cardone Felice, An Organizational Theory of Information, 2000, in Information Systems Concept: An Integrated Discipline Emerging, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 77-91 icona file pdf
  6. Cardone Felice, Strict finitism and feasibility, 1995, in: Daniel Leivant (ed.), Logic and Computational Complexity: selected papers, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 960, Springer-Verlag, pp. 1-21 icona file pdf


  1. Bernardinello Luca, Cardone Felice, Pomello Lucia, RConcurrency, Communication and Computation. A position paper, 2009, in: Emerging Paradigms in Informatics, Systems and Communication, C. Batini and R. Schettini (eds.) icona file pdf
  2. Cardone Felice, Calcolabilità in pratica e la prospettiva ultrafinitista, 2006, presentazione al workshop "Il Paradigma Computazionale", Università di Milano-Bicocca, 23 Novembre 2006 icona file pdf
  3. Cardone Felice, Recursive types to D∞ and beyond, 2006, unpublished icona file pdf
  4. Holt Anatol W., Cardone Felice, Social Mechanics I: Fair division, 1996, unpublished icona file pdf
    This is a draft version of a working paper on the Banach-Knaster-Steinhaus protocol for fair division, written with Anatol Holt (1927-2010).
    It may have some interest because it makes an attempt to apply to the problem of fair division the conceptual framework set up in Anatol's book Organized activity and its support by computer (Kluwer, 1997) that was then under way (in fact, it is cited here with a different title).